Smart Voucher Ltd operates this international company.
It's a uniquely secure method of banking, and it's one that online pokies players value highly.
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Its secure nature is a crucial part of its appeal.We recommend you to follow our generalized ransomware removal guide that should assist you in restoring your system.People who use the Ukash MasterCard will be charged the same as if it was a normal MasterCard, however, most bookmakers still wont charge you anything.Obviously you have to be careful that you dont lose your voucher, as the 19 digit voucher code is needed when you want to use the voucher online.UKash also operate a number of prepaid.UKash works by the use of vouchers that have a 19 digit code.

Most effective in cases where bank accounts are not allowed, or where debit or credit card transfers incur high fees, Ukash has proven immensely popular with online pokies players.
Fees Associated with UKash Deposits, uKash is a free service to those who buy and use the vouchers.
The the UK Financial Services Authority regulates the Smart Voucher Ltd as the electronic money institution.
So treat your voucher as if it were cash.Despite that, UKashs prepaid MasterCards are fully protected by UKash, so if you do fall foul to criminal activity you are covered.List of Bookmakers That Accept UKash.Ukash Online Security, ukash can be a very secure online method if you have decided that you dont want to use credit cards.This is particularly true if you dont want to be involved offerte vodafone internet mobile with credit cards.UKash is actually quite a convenient way of depositing, as you can pay for UKash vouchers through a variety of methods on the UKash website, and then you dont need to give the site your card details, just the UKash voucher code.The Ukash vouchers can be purchased at many stores or the counters selling mobile phone top-ups and sell phone cards.Ukash is similar to the PaySafeCard because it is also a PIN-based voucher that you can redeem at a bookie which accepts them as a payment method.The way you deposit with UKash really depends on the which of their services you are using.Welcome to the UKash betting sites section.

You can be sure that a place which has a sign PayPoint, PayZone or EPay will have them.
You can pay with regular bills or a debit card, which is the same way that you would pay for products in a regular shop.