Leonardos war designs for the Medicis are failing, infuriating them as Romes influence increases daily.
Together with Zoroaster and Nico, Leonardo foto dei tagli della carne bovina heads to Wallachia to see Vlad Dracula, otherwise known as Vlad the Impaler, where the Abyssinian is imprisoned.
HD, tV-MAClosed CaptioningVideoThe Prisoner, riario discusses his defeat with Pope Sixtus, as well as a mysterious prisoner in the Vatican dungeon, whom Riario seems to trust more than anyone.
View in iTunes 5, hD, tV-MAClosed CaptioningVideoThe Judgment.
His quest for knowledge nearly becomes his undoing, but telefono casa offerte telecom Da Vinci's genius prevails and he emerges as an unstoppable force that lifts an entire era out of darkness and propels it into light.Lorenzo de Medicis dilettante brother Giuliano suggests an Easter celebration as a show of power and commissions the rising artisan Leonardo da Vinci to create a spectacle at the event.Knowing that the accusations against da Vinci are an attack by Rome, Lorenzo orders Piero da Vinci to defend his estranged son in court.Leonardo sets out to save the Medicis from attack but when Lorenzo spots Lucrezias ring he realizes that his saviour has also stolen his lover.Lorenzo hears news of an outbreak of demonic possessions in a nearby convent.Meanwhile the search for the Medici spy intensifies.View in iTunes 7, hD, tV-MAClosed CaptioningVideoThe Hierophant, on the final day of Carnival in Rome, Leonardo builds an underwater suit and breaks into the Vatican through the sewers in search of the second key to the Vault of Heaven bringing him face to face.Da Vinci returns to his workshop where he is surprised by the Turk.View in iTunes.Back in Florence, Lorenzo and Piero meet the Duke of Urbino to build a strategic alliance, while Giuliano is intent on finding the true spy and works diligently to clear Becchis name.He finds himself in a conflict between truth and lies, religion and reason, past and future.

Pope Sixtus tempts Leonardo with access to the Secret Archives but it is Nico who retrieves the second key from Riario and brings them one step closer to the Book of Leaves.
Riario secretly meets his spy in the Medici court.
Free View in iTunes 102 HD TV-PGVideoBehind the Scenes: The Music Join composer Bear McCreary (TV's THE walking dead) as he discusses the inspiration and process behind making the music for DA vinci'S demons.
Riario, at the helm of the Roman army, orders Lorenzo to surrender, but Leonardo reveals his latest weapon to deter them.His aspirations are used against him by opposing forces luring him into a game of seduction where those who despise his intellect need him most.During the distraction of the performance, Leonardo manages to turn the tables on the corrupt judge, forcing him to drop the charges.Season Only View in iTunes 104 HD TV-PGVideoHistory is a Lie: The Real Da Vinci?Leonardo Da Vinci is tortured by a gift of superhuman genius.