As an artist, he grew fond of topographic anatomy, drawing many studies of muscles, tendons and samsung galaxy note 3 neo offerta unieuro other visible anatomical features.
The painting is a portrait of Lisa Gherardini, but theres more to the painting than just Lisa.
Many claim he was the smartest man to ever live a true genius and his talents in many areas of science and art is simply impossible to deny.
In 2002, Mark Rosheim built a prototype of Leonardos Robot called the Robotic Knight.Many would say that it is due to his paintings unique effect on viewers, ultimately caused by his impressive scientific approach toward his work.Also, it has fueled an impressive amount of theories, due to its mysterious smile and implicit (for some) sexual hint, but also because of the fact that it also has some man traits, despite also having pregnant features.Leonardo was a writer, botanist, cartographer, geologist, anatomist, inventor, engineer, mathematician, scientist, musician, architect, sculptor, and a painter.Also, his connection with the masonry is widely known and speculations have always been made some more realistic, some completely fantasy.

Many of his ideas were unpractical, many were just brilliantly applied, many had to wait hundreds of years before they could be applied.
Still, because his ideas were way ahead of his time, the technology was not able to sustain his ideas, thus nobody invented a practical parachute until 1783.
Leonardo Da Vinci created scissors, many people use scissors every day.
Leonardo studied, hydraulics, pyrotechnics, science, acoustics, optics, medicine, biology, anatomy, natural history, zoology, cartography, philosophy and botany.
Parachute, what da Vincis early parachute model may have looked like.Da Vinci was first and foremost a master painter, whose work is an excellent example of Italian Renaissance concepts, techniques, and typical subject material of the 15th and 16th century.Leonardo first lived in the little village of Anchiano, right next to Vinci.With regard to the field of art, historians and scholars agree that Leonardo da Vinci paintings have not only produced a strong impact in the art world, but also boast the extent of this artists versatility.For example, in what is perhaps the most recognized portrait in the world, Mona Lisa, viewers feel that the woman in the painting is watching them, regardless of their position in relation to the frame.Da Vinci's far-reaching scientific studies had an impact on the art world through his painting.

Leonardo da Vinci made important contributions from his conviction that art and science should work together, not be placed in separate compartments.