Rossella Lorenzi (9 November 2007).
Although the painting itself was beloved, da Vinci's tempera-on-stone experiment was a ragazze nel pallone pronte a vincere streaming rapidvideo failure.
Do you mean the story in léonard de vinci wikipédia which Leonardo first paints Jesus Christ, after searching many months for the perfect model?
The Last Supper was ultimately restored, but it lost buoni sconto unieuro 20 euro marzo 2018 much of its original paint along the way.It is one of the world's most recognizable paintings.The Last Supper also inspired popular fiction.Here's the story of "The Last Supper which survived wars, prisoners, and its artist's identity crisis.The extension of space that we see here is similar to what we saw with Masaccios.Although the Last Supper had been depicted in art many times before, this particular moment in the story is one which had not been depicted. .The meaning of its food is up for debate.Emotions range from protest (Philip, #8) to sadness (John, next to Christ) to acceptance (Christ). .Retrieved 25 February 2014.

Some areas were deemed unrestorable.
It is said that the look of every apostle was based on a real-life model.
Its construction meant that a lower central chunk of the piecewhich included Jesus' feetwas lost.To the right of Jesus, Thomas stands in profile, his finger pointing up in the air.Thomas is clearly agitated, James Major stunned and Philip seems to be seeking clarification.Peter is visibly angry and a feminine-looking John seems about to swoon."Last Supper (copy after Leonardo.From 1978 to 1999, Pinin Brambilla Barcilon guided a major restoration project which undertook to stabilize the painting, and reverse the damage caused by dirt and pollution.James the Greater looks stunned, with his arms in the air.All are aghast, Andrew to the point of holding his hands up in a "stop!" gesture.