At the resulting page you will see an orange button on the top-right of the page that is called.
Basic Settings, now we will create new Shopping Cart Price Rules using Tonis idea.
You can select Percent of Product price Discount if you want to armi da taglio legge apply some percentage of the amount depending on the product that you have bought.
Fixed amount discount for whole cart allows you to apply fixed amount on the whole cart and last Buy X get Y edreams coupon code august 2018 free means if you buy the product you will get Y product for free.Or perhaps buy 1, get one 50 off?Status value to, active.This code also helps you to set up the promotions on your store, and to give the customers free shipping for a short time for their loyalty towards your store and giving them discount offers based on your own terms and conditions.From there, you have to choose an item that you want to put as condition on your rule.

We will, as always start from Admin Panel and choose.
Do let me know in the comment section below and feel free to ask away.
For example you are going to business meeting and you simply print 20 flyers with unique coupon codes and spread out as a gift after successful meeting :-).
Hit Save and Continue Edit, now under Conditions we will leaved blank to apply on all products, now under Actions, we will give 10 of product price discount.You can set the integer value according to your own strategy.If yes, then dont forget to mention below.Dash Every X Characters here if you want (dash) to appear after some numbers then enter the value after which you want the dash.Save Rule to save all changes.Also, was it helpful to you?Active from the dropdown menu.

Search for SKU attribute and set the drop down Use for Promo Rule Conditions to YES.
Then ensure these Actions are met: Set the Discount amount.
Maybe offer free shipping for just a limited time only?