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Salvator Mundi the greatest artistic rediscovery of the last 100 years by turning the tables and documenting its profound effect on those looking and pointing their camera phones.
Nadav Kander, it was decided to honour the significance.
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Da Vinci Media GmbH, address: Mehringdamm 55, Berlin, Deutschland 10961.
Ai fini del contatto in caso di vincita, verifica ed eventualmente aggiorna i dati relativi alla tua Carta fedeltà MediaWorld (nome-cognome-data di nascita-indirizzo-cellulare- indirizzo e-mail) collegandoti al sito - Sezione MediaWorld club - e seguendo le indicazioni riportate.The film is cut to four minutes and 14 seconds to reflect the fact that in his costumi parah scontati painting, Leonardo presents Christ as he is characterised in the Gospel of John 4:14: And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son.Ti verrà consegnato una ricevuta di conferma partecipazione alle estrazioni previste.Se il tuo volantino non è tra i fortunati, portalo in negozio e partecipa all estrazione finale.Using the wide range of responses to the masterpiece, a single piece of film has been created that shows the divine moment of connection between this powerful, mysterious, enigmatic portrayal of Christ and those who have felt compelled to observe.Having witnessed the most intimate details in the lives promozione online sky of successive French and English kings, what would flybe promo codes november the figure of Christ, depicted holding the well-being of the world in the palm of his left hand, now make of us?Within the beautifully lit Christies exhibition space in Rockefeller Center, a camera was set up beneath the.It is comforting to think that his perspective might be shaped by the expressions of awe, wonder, joy and deep contemplation in the faces of those who have returned his gaze.More than 20,000 people from all walks of life have come to gaze.First launched in Central Eastern Europe and CIS countries, Da Vinci Learning now broadcasts in dozens of countries and territories on 3 continents.Salvator Mundi to record a video portrait of those who came to spend time with.

After centuries in the hands of royal and private owners, its return to the public consciousness has resulted in queues wrapping around Christies exhibition spaces in London, Hong Kong, San Francisco and now in New York.
Da Vinci Media GmbH s premier broadcast channel, Da Vinci Learning, has become part of the daily viewing routine in over 14 million homes all over the globe.
Salvator Mundi is on view to the public at Christies in New York on Saturday 11 November (10am-5pm Sunday 12 November (1pm-5pm Monday 13 November (10am-5pm Tuesday 14 November (10am-5pm and Wednesday 15 November (10 am-12pm).
You too can discover why this painting has made such an impression on those who have studied.
Leonardo da Vincis, salvator Mundi.It will then be offered at auction in the.Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale on 15 November.You only need to visit the Louvre and join the crowds jostling for a glimpse of Leonardo da Vincis most famous work, the Mona Lisa, to see this social behaviour in action.More than 500 years on from when Leonardo set to work on his resolutely human image of Christ, ours is a digital age defined by the desire to snap and share.Working with the world-renowned portrait photographer.More than 500 years on from when Leonardo created his resolutely human image of Christ, ours is an age defined by social media and the desire to snap and share.Most importantly, Da Vinci Learning strives to make our top-quality educational programming accessible by providing most viewers with localized versions of all their favourite programmes.But what if the tables were turned and the Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World) could share with us what he has seen these last few weeks?

DA vinci media GmbH is an independent media group dedicated to providing high-quality on-air and on-demand educational programming to curious minds around the world.
The experience of setting eyes on a work described as the Divine Mona Lisa one of fewer than 20 paintings acknowledged as being from the Renaissance masters hand is one that has moved people in many different ways, with those experiences being shared myriad times.
Founded in 2007 by Ferdinand Habsburg, Da Vinci Media GmbH maintains excellency in its educational broadcast streams from its headquarters in Berlin, Germany.