You're looking at.1-inch 2,560 x 1,600 display, an Exynos octa-core CPU (though only four are used at any one time) clocked.9GHz, 3GB of RAM, a fully featured 8MP camera and an even more deeply integrated S Pen stylus.
Samsung worked with 99 Avant, an artist, who produced 99 special edition Galaxy Note 8 handsets, which are officially called the Samsung guida alle taglie cappotti Galaxy Note 8 X 99 Avant Edition catchy name.
Thats why Twitter, Bloomberg Businessweek, and the, new York Times have their own self-updating widgets that take up an entire home screen.
I mean, its the same phone with some new wallpapers, a case, and some new icons And none of these things really justify a price of almost 2000.
The speakers' sensible position high up on the device means that you won't cover them when holding the tablet naturally, which is a thoughtful touch that a surprising number of manufacturers don't think to include.The S Pen stylus is stashed away in a discrete but readily accessible port.Ive grown to love the physical home button and capacitive menu and back buttons on Samsungs device, so theyre a welcome addition to the Note.1.However, the term Note is not reserved for large-screened smartphones - the Samsung Galaxy Note.1 is a tablet, after all.Some of the blame for this can be apportioned to the Samsung Galaxy Note.1 2014's less than stellar design.The Air Command widget automatically appears when you remove the pen from its holster, or it can be invoked at any time by holding the pen near the screen and clicking its one button.The Samsung Galaxy Note.1's spec sheet blows the Samsung Galaxy Tab.1's out of the water, you see, with a quad-core.4GHz processor (as opposed to a 1GHz dual-core one) and double the RAM.However, should you dare to be different, read.On the Verge Battery Test, which continuously cycles through websites and images at 65 percent brightness, the.1 lasted a few hours shy of the iPad with 7 hours and 7 minutes.Just below the right-hand speaker is the Galaxy Note.1's microSD slot, which permits up to 64GB of additional storage - very handy when opting for the 16GB model that I was sent.So, you get the same faux-metallic outer rim and the same faux-leather back, which is far too much faux for my liking.

This is another of those 'throw in everything but the kitchen sink' efforts that Samsung seems to favour.
With the microUSB port situated on the bottom of the device, this leaves the left and right edges free to hold a speaker each, thus providing true stereo - albeit slightly tinny - sound.
It had difficulties keeping up with the widget-heavy homescreens, and the awkward pause when switching between multiscreen windows was terrible.
The little fake stitches along the border take the imitation leather look a tad too far, but its still a vast improvement over the cheap feel of the Tab.1.The older Nexus 10 felt faster.Palm Treo for an iPhone 3GS (and that brief stint with my iPad but I quickly found myself pulling out the S Pen as soon as I sat down with the Note.For all its cool features, Samsung still can't make them work right.Video: 60 seconds with Samsung Galaxy Note.The textured backing is a big improvement for the Note 3 and works even better on the larger.1 it felt good and secure in my hands.A ridged faux-metallic (there's that word again) end serves to blend in with the outer rim from which it protrudes, whilst enabling you to gain some purchase and pull it out.Almost every other device shed native stylus support years ago, leaving Samsung alone to evolve the relationship between tablet and stylus.