Thats because the edges taper the wrong way away from your hand.
Samsung has, at last, made a handset which not only packs a powerful punch, but looks fantastic too.
No, this time around the edge is made of aluminium alloy that feels just as strong as it looks.
It takes a moment to realise that the phone pacco di gratta e vinci da 20 euro hasnt frozen; its just that part of your palm is resting on the edge of the screen.
As more time passes, you'll be able to find this device for a much more affordable rate.Another is the home button, which houses the fingerprint scanner.With the edges of the handset tapering to a very slender profile thanks to those dual curved displays there's no space for a SIM tray - plus that glass rear isn't coming off.The S6 Edge is slightly thicker (7mm.8mm slightly lighter (132g vs 138g) and packs an ever so slightly bigger battery (2600mAh vs 2550mAh but that's.If theres a problem with the design, its how the edges make the S6 Edge less comfortable to hold than other phones.Photos rich in color and detail, the way they're supposed.Double-click the home button to activate Quick Launch.OS, android.0 (Lollipop network, lTE Cat.6 * May differ by country and carrier.Theres a refreshing honesty about the S6 and Galaxy S6 Edges design.Smooth glass encased by strong metal create a polished look.That's auto real-time HDR.The glossy glass rear offers little in the way of grip, which made me tighten my grasp on the handset, resulting in the frame digging into my palm more.

Its not quite as ugly as the one on the Galaxy S6, a marginally thinner phone, but it still spoils the otherwise perfect-ten looks of the S6 Edge.
Related: Samsung Galaxy Note 6, samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Design, metal edge; Gorilla Glass 4 rear; 142 x 70 x 7mm; 132g; Home button; Soft keys.
An elegant union of technology and design.Take photos as life happens.On the front it doesn't sit flush with the curved Gorilla Glass 4, creating a rather annoying lip which you don't get on the.Some colours, like the gold and green, look a little tacky too.Their location is excellent, with the power button a few inches from the top of the right edge, while the volume ones rest a little higher on the left.But heres a brief list: A new memory manager that allows you to check how much memory each app is using.Update: : Last year was a great year for smartphones, but Samsungs Galaxy S6 Edge may just have been the best handset of 2015.Related: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs S6 Edge On the plus side, the glass back is surprisingly grippy much more so than the one on the Sony Xperia.