Reliefs depict some of the disciplines that da Vinci mastered: painting, sculpting, engineering and architecture.
In fact, the main facade of Palazzo Marino was originally the one facing.
A central monument honors Leonardo da Vinci, who for many years lived and worked in Milan.
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In 1557, at the ripe old age of 83, Tommaso Marino, a wealthy tax collector, decided to build a palazzo on a large plot near the San Fedele Church.
Museo Teatrale alla Scala (La Scala Museum dedicated to the history of La Scala and opera in general.
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In 1861 the Palazzo was acquired by the city of Milan which soon moved its administration to this building.
The offerte della 3 telefonia palazzo was designed.To this day the Palazzo Marino is still Milan's city hall.Likewise, when La Scala was built (in 1778 it was facing a street rather than a square.Piazza San Fedele, to the south-east (i.e., exactly opposite to Piazza della Scala).On the opposite side to "La Scala to the south-east, is the facade.