white vinca

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My White Vincas are THE only purchase from burpee that succeeded brilliantly!
Perennial vinca can be grown from seed and is easily grown from cuttings. .
These beautiful annuals don't need to be dead-headed and they resist drought and deer!
Although they dont particularly like cool temperatures or moisture, they will grow nicely in most climates in the summertime. .Linked Keywords, these are the linked keywords we found.Indoor Sow, flowering, yes, bloom Duration 12 weeks, flower color.Water them right after planting, then not again unless you see the leaves start to curl.This plant is self cleaning.I recommend the Vincas highly.No need to deadhead the spent blooms. .This violet-blue flower is typical of common vinca minor.Vinca Minor: smaller leaves and flowers thrives in shade perennial evergreen less invasive grow to about 1 ft and are more compact than vinca major.

I don't know why, but they look awful.
Let me explain: Perennial vinca (sometimes called periwinkle or creeping myrtle) can be found auchan sconto over 60 in two basic forms: Vinca minor and Vinca major. .
Vinca flowers can range from white to shades of purple, pink and red. .Because each plant it compact and low growing (under 2 ft) they make great border plants. .They are tidy little plants. .My Geraniums have not grown UP, they have all grown sideways and trailed along the ground.Annual vinca is a tropical/subtropical plant. .